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Construction Update October 16, 2013

Deep Services (Sanitary, Storm Sewer, & Domestic Water)                 100%

Completed by Canyon Contracting

Shallow Services (Hydro, Telephone, Cable, Gas)                                  80%
Completion expected in the next week

Road Sub Base Gravel                                                                                  70%
Complete with final gravelling and shaping expected in the next 7 – 10 days.
Lot grading is ongoing and should be complete within the next two weeks.

Curbs, Sidewalks & Road Paving                                                            weather dependent
Might be bonded with the Town of Smithers and constructed in the Spring. This is to maintain quality control as it will allow the sub base gravel to move and settle throughout the winter and ultimately end up with a much better product. Roads will remain crushed gravel until next Spring when the weather permits road paving.

Within the coming weeks, after the bonding of curbs and paving, we anticipate completing the subdivision process thus creating individual titles ready to transfer to prospective purchasers.

Phase one has 9 out of 13 building lots sold. Don’t miss out on 2013 prices! 

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